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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Starcraft 2 will be a Trilogy!

Blizzard Con has given us this update.
Yes! Starcraft 2 will be a Trilogy!

Rob Pardo put up a Powerpoint presentation showing 3 possible routes to go when playing on the single-player campaign.

a) simple like the originals
b) full-out, more cinematics, more (read) EVERYTHING!!!
c) a mixture

It would be a trilogy (StarWars anyone?)

Terran will be first followed by the ZERG then the Protoss.

Now what does this mean?
-Nothing changes in the multiplayer and the skirmish. All races will be implemented
-Each campaign would feel like an epic story. No cliffhangers this time around
-More movies, missions, more EVERYTHING!!! (hopefully not more on the price tag)

Would that mean I can choose what to do? Free to go my way?
Yes. You could select which missions to go about BUT the ending will be the same.

So how long will the campaign last?
It would range from 26-30

Here's the STARMAP of the Terran Campaign

Article by:
Pics credited to Lipton

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