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Monday, September 22, 2008

Frank Pearce talks about Battle.Net 2.0

Frank Pearce talks about Battle.Net 2.0

Expect the following:
* Expect long continued support after the release, as history has shown with the original StarCraft.
* Unsure, but hopefully StarCraft 2 will replace the original StarCraft in Korean eSport. However, as history has shown, the original StarCraft has trumped the newest released RTS - WarCraft III.
* Lessons learned from dealing with WOW cheating will be applied to the new 2.0 and StarCrart 2 platforms. For example, a security token will be implemented that adds an extra layer of protection from account fraud.
* Their main focus in combating piracy of their games is through offering a unique online platform which requires a valid and unique CD key.
* An expansion for StarCraft 2 is not off the table, and “it is definitely something that is in discussion.”
* A StarCraft MMO is nowhere in sight.
* Lowering latency during gameplay is of concern and they are working on reducing overall gameplay lag.

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