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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Starcraft 2 Korean Server

If you're looking to play on the Korean Starcraft 2 ladder, you can purchase a TW account from - the cheapest English website selling Korean Starcraft 2 Keys and Accounts.

We've personally gotten our Korean / Taiwanese SC2 keys from the website and we've been enjoying it a lot.

They also give away discounts if you're a Grand Master Starcraft 2 player.

So if you're looking to buy a Korean Starcraft 2 account, just go to their website and talk with RTSDealer. He entertains each and every client personally to make purchasing a Korean Starcraft 2 ladder account experience a pleasant one.

Don't forget to tell him that you got referred by the guys here at SC2Portal.

Enjoy playing on the Korean ladder!

Useful Tutorials from RTS Dealer:
1. How To Install the Korean Starcraft 2 Client
2. How To Get Ping in the Korean SC2 servers

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