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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Starcraft 2 Server Regions Merging

Starcraft 2 Region Linking for Season 3

For the longest time, only SEA players could play in another region (NA).
Season 3 of Starcraft 2 ladder introduces regional interconnection for some regions.

What is region linking?

Region linking is the process of connecting multiple (Starcraft 2) regions to each other for multiplayer matchmaking.

This will be the list of the merging:
North America and Latin America - NALA
Europe and Russia - EURA
Korea and Taiwan - KRTW
In effect, the players within the linked regions will be put together into a single group instead of two separate ones.

Why is Blizzard doing this? What are the benefits of region linking?

Starcraft 2 has seen a dwindling number of players. A larger pool of players means the automated matchmaker for ladder games will be faster and more effective at finding opponents near your skill level. This means faster queue times for Starcraft 2 games.

When will this happen?

Region linking happen during the start of StarCraft II Season 3 - July 18, 2011.

Will region linking affect which game-client languages I have access to or the payment methods I use?

No. The client languages and game-access methods available to you in your region will not change when regions are linked. You will get the chance to play and connect with an even larger group of Starcraft 2 players.

Will playing with players from the linked region impact my in-game latency?

All players in the linked regions will be connecting and playing through the same data centers that they were using prior to region linking, which is the main reason why linking these regions together is fairly straightforward. There should be no impact on game performance.

How does region linking affect the Grandmaster league?

There will only be a single Grandmaster league between the linked regions.


  1. So I'll be playing with people that don't speak English great!!!

  2. @jestermh - it doesn't really matter if you're playing 1v1. This isn't a team Dota genre game like Heroes of Newerth wherein communication is essential to win the game.

    1. Very true, in this case the game takes skill for the individual than teamwork.

  3. Im from LA server and im sure that 90% of the players know how to speak english.

  4. Latin America? Whats that? Like countries?

  5. Americans who speak Latin.

  6. Latin america is south america along with mexico and the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico technically could be considered part of the merge if they werenmt already playing on the NA server


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