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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Starcraft 2 Prepaid Card Problems

Starcraft 2 Time Cards in SEA Server Problems

Blizzard Entertainment is currently experimenting with the Prepaid Card Model in SEA.
Launched in late November 2010, Asians can play Starcraft 2 by buying Time Cards.
Prices and Denominations Courtesy of Neutral Creeps: Starcraft 2 Cards

A few days after the STARCRAFT 2 FREE PLAY Weekend, BattleNet 2.0 SEA has encountered problems with the Time Card System.

Starcraft 2 having problems in Asia

The card system has broken down and a lot of Starcraft 2 players cannot use the Prepaid cards.
According to Testingrani (Starcraft 2 player), Starcraft 2 accounts trying to reload game time remain FROZEN.

Frozen Starcraft 2 Accounts:
Account Name: SCII-1
Account Status: Frozen
Product Level: Wings of Liberty
Region: Southeast Asia & ANZ (SEA)
Authentication Key Problems:
The authentication key you entered cannot be claimed. Please check the key and try again. Alternatively, you can enter this key for a different region by changing the leading part of the URL (ex. “”) in your web browser, or for a different account.
Starcraft 2 Game Time page:
Redemption Error
The key you entered is not redeemed on this page.
Starcraft 2 Cards Affected: (All) - 3 days, 7 days and 30 days.

Complaints from SEA players:

Chingchong (Starcraft 2 player):
Does this have anything to do with the patching ?
Quite annoying since i have now purchased 2 game cards to make this work. AND I STILL CANT PLAY.
DeicideGreed (Starcraft 2 player):
I have tried applying 3 different cards now with different denominations. NOT WORKING FOR ALL ON SEA. TRIPLECHECKED all the codes and its still not working.
Read the rest of the complaints regarding Starcraft 2 Cards on this thread:
Reply to the thread if you cannot reload your Starcraft 2 accounts.

Blizzard Support at IAHGames E-mail Reply:
Please ensure that you have key in the new and correct game card cd key and not the serial number on the game card on your Account Management .

If you are still encountering the same problem, please send us the following information to us so that we can assist you further:
1) A picture of the game card cd key.
2) Print screen of the error message.
3) Your email which you have encountered with the said error message.

IAHGames Support For Starcraft II:

Update: Apparently, this is a widespread problem and could possibly be a system-wide problem with either the game card distribution or Bnet 2.0 itself.

Update # 2: This problem has been resolved.

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