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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

StarCraft 2 Beta Key Giveaway

We're giving a Starcraft2 Beta Key to one lucky reader /Facebook fan.

How to Enter:
Just become a FAN of Starcraft2 Updates on Facebook.
Once we reach 1 Million Followers, a Starcraft 2 beta key will be given out to a random fan.

The winner will be announced on the blog, Twitter and Facebook.

*Anyone can enter this contest.
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  1. Just became a fan. -crossing fingers!

  2. I'am ofcouse, want to get my hands on beta key so badly!:)
    know anything about if they bete keys to europe fans aswell?

  3. One Million followers? I don't know if that's realistic, the game will probably be out by then... Might want to lower it, but good luck anyways.

  4. You're at 147 for now.. Maybe 200 MAX. Or else the game will be out. 1 million is just plain impossible.

  5. At the rate you're getting fans, Starcraft III will have come out by then.

  6. Just pick someone this weekend, your key has no value when blizzard gives out more.


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