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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Starcraft2 delayed by Activision Blizzard to 2010

Starcraft 2 will be delayed for another year.

Here's the official statement from the Activision Investor Details:
(released on

"As we prepare for next year, we have moved the expected release dates for two games, Activision Publishing's Singularity and Blizzard Entertainment's StarCraft II, into 2010. However, we are increasing our calendar year earnings-per-share GAAP outlook and reaffirming our calendar year earnings-per-share non-GAAP outlook and still expect to deliver record non-GAAP operating margins. Although there is a great deal of economic uncertainty in the global marketplace, we remain focused on the opportunities afforded by our industry and will continue exploring potential new markets and business models that should enable us to continue expanding our operating margins," Kotick added.
So that means, you will be getting your hands on this sci-fi RTS on 2010 (probably longer.)
It doesn't really matter though. As long as the game is as good as we expect it to be, the wait for Starcraft Two will be worth it.

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